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WinRAR 3.90

WinRAR is a 32-bit/64-bit Windows version of RAR Archiver, the powerful archiver and archive manager. WinRARs main features are very strong general and multimedia compression, solid compression, archive protection from damage, processing of ZIP and other non-RAR archives, scanning archives for...


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DhcpExplorer 1.2

DhcpExplorer Thumbnail
DhcpExplorer tool allows you to discover DHCP servers on your local subnet or LAN. This is useful for locating servers that are not supposed to be on your network ( rogue DHCP servers ) as well as checking the expected output of known servers. DHCP Explorer broadcasts on the local physical subnet...

DOWNLOAD Cost: $0.00 USD
License: Freeware
Size: 7.5 MB
Download Counter: 479

Released: April 01, 2012 | Added: April 01, 2012 | Viewed: 2808

Session Server for Windows 1.4

No Screenshot
Session server for Windows has built-in fail-over protection and load balancing which allows use of up to 1000 session servers with an unlimited number of web servers. A session "sticks" to a session server not by IP as in the case of a local director, but based on session ID so that the browser...

DOWNLOAD Cost: $0.00 USD
License: Demo
Size: 990.2 KB
Download Counter: 8

Released: November 25, 2001 | Added: January 01, 2003 | Viewed: 1109

Chronos Atomic Clock Synchronizer 4.1

Chronos Atomic Clock Synchronizer Thumbnail
User Rating 5 StarsUser Rating 5 StarsUser Rating 5 StarsUser Rating 5 StarsUser Rating 5 Stars
Chronos Atomic Clock Synchronizer is a utility for people who need their computers to use exact time. The program connects to various atomic clock timeservers and synchronizes your internal clock with time provided by these servers. Key benefits: connects on many atomic clock time servers;...

DOWNLOAD Cost: $0.00 USD
License: Freeware
Size: 901.8 KB
Download Counter: 43

Released: January 17, 2007 | Added: January 20, 2007 | Viewed: 1645

Backupawy 1.31

Backupawy Thumbnail
Automate your web sites and servers backup to local computers. Never loose your websites or servers again. Backupawy is a Windows program that can run in the background and automatically backup your web sites or servers or LAN computers to your local computers. Some main features are: Backup...

DOWNLOAD Cost: $19.00 USD
License: Shareware
Size: 8.6 MB
Download Counter: 3

Released: June 04, 2007 | Added: July 04, 2007 | Viewed: 862

Servers Alive 6.0.2056

Servers Alive Thumbnail
Servers Alive is your 24/7 automatic server monitoring solution for guarding against server and process failures or attack. Script your own tests plus use our built-in functionality to automatically monitor critical server functions and processes including: PING (ICMP/TCP and IPX), TCP Services,...

DOWNLOAD Cost: $199.00 USD
License: Shareware
Size: 15.4 MB
Download Counter: 9

Released: November 12, 2006 | Added: November 15, 2006 | Viewed: 1210

NTP Server Monitor 1.0.001

No Screenshot
TimeTools NTP Server Monitor is a free software utility that runs on any Windows platform, workstation or server. It allows any number of NTP time servers to be constantly monitored. Any servers that are operating outside of pre-set tolerances are highlighted. It can also, optionally, synchronise...

DOWNLOAD Cost: $0.00 USD
License: Freeware
Size: 64.0 KB
Download Counter: 13

Released: March 01, 2006 | Added: March 04, 2006 | Viewed: 1203

Network Server Monitor 3.1

Network Server Monitor Thumbnail
Leading solution in monitoring Windows, Novell, Linux and Unix servers. Runs as a service on a Windows server. Monitor all aspects of your network using built-in functions, and write your own functions in VBScript (Windows) or RSH (Unix). Awarded by at...

DOWNLOAD Cost: $119.00 USD
License: Shareware
Size: 4.5 MB
Download Counter: 14

Released: September 29, 2001 | Added: January 01, 2003 | Viewed: 1659

Anonymous Surfing 2.0.0

Anonymous Surfing Thumbnail
Anonymous Surfing enhances your online privacy by hiding your IP address and location from all the web sites you visit: your Internet Explorer will use one of thousands anonymous servers anywhere in the world instead of connecting to any web site directly. Anonymous Surfing manages all aspects...

DOWNLOAD Cost: $17.99 USD
License: Shareware
Size: 7.0 MB
Download Counter: 57

Released: September 21, 2005 | Added: September 24, 2005 | Viewed: 3129

2X LoadBalancer for Terminal Services 3.0

2X LoadBalancer for Terminal Services Thumbnail
Load balancing, increased security and redundancy for your Terminal Services Since Microsoft Terminal Services Servers support many users, it's important to ensure that each Terminal Server is fully redundant and that the load is distributed between servers ensuring optimal service quality for...

DOWNLOAD Cost: $350.00 USD, 595.00 USD
License: Shareware
Size: 2.3 MB
Download Counter: 10

Released: November 07, 2005 | Added: November 10, 2005 | Viewed: 1654

PA Server Monitor 4.0

PA Server Monitor Thumbnail
PA Server Monitor is a Windows service that monitors the health and availability of Windows servers, network services (on Windows, Linux and other operating systems), and devices. No agents are needed to monitor remote servers. Also includes rich reporting on most monitored resources. PA...

DOWNLOAD Cost: $99.00 USD
License: Demo
Size: 34.3 MB
Download Counter: 6

Released: November 14, 2010 | Added: March 30, 2011 | Viewed: 1727

NetAdjust Anonymous Proxy 5.4

NetAdjust Anonymous Proxy Thumbnail
NetAdjust Anonymous Proxy is an Internet utility to let you browse the Web anonymously by hiding your IP number. When you surf the Internet your unique identification number (IP number) can be detected by any Website you visit. NetAdjust Anonymous Proxy lets you use another IP number which is...

DOWNLOAD Cost: $36.95 USD
License: Shareware
Size: 1.5 MB
Download Counter: 79

Released: November 06, 2005 | Added: January 06, 2006 | Viewed: 3615

Proxy Manager 2.30

Proxy Manager Thumbnail
Proxy Manager is a powerful proxy management tool for Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 2003. Proxy Manager can check proxy server, including Http proxy, Https proxy, Ftp proxy, Socks4 proxy and Socks5 proxy, is working or not and show the speed of...

DOWNLOAD Cost: $29.95 USD, 29.95 EUR
License: Shareware
Size: 683.0 KB
Download Counter: 148

Released: April 20, 2005 | Added: April 23, 2005 | Viewed: 13520

1st Atomic Time 3.0

1st Atomic Time Thumbnail
1st Atomic Time keeps the system time accurate on your computer or any computer in your network. It synchronizes your PC clock with Internet atomic time servers. You can pick the fastest and most reliable servers from the built-in list of more than 200 choices or add your own. All selected...

DOWNLOAD Cost: $19.99 USD
License: Shareware
Size: 1.1 MB
Download Counter: 17

Released: June 20, 2009 | Added: June 20, 2009 | Viewed: 1692

RVL Hacker 1.0

RVL Hacker Thumbnail
Editor Award 5 StarsEditor Award 5 StarsEditor Award 5 StarsEditor Award 5 StarsEditor Award 5 Stars
Use your intelligence to stop another catastrophic attack over the Net. Alex D. is a programmer that works at a software company during the day, and during the night he is testing software vulnerability on companies servers. During one night he is attacking a cover up firm for a NSA operations...

DOWNLOAD Cost: $14.95 USD
License: Demo
Size: 33.8 MB
Download Counter: 152

Released: September 01, 2009 | Added: September 10, 2009 | Viewed: 2834

WinQuota Professional 3.0.6

WinQuota Professional Thumbnail
WinQuota is disk quota management software that has been designed for regular usage on any types of servers, especially on servers with large amount of files, such as file servers, news and mail servers. WinQuota allows managing directories and files size with blocking any operations that...

DOWNLOAD Cost: $199.00 USD
License: Commercial
Size: 3.0 MB
Download Counter: 1

Released: March 19, 2007 | Added: March 22, 2007 | Viewed: 957

Advanced Time Synchronizer

Advanced Time Synchronizer Thumbnail
Advanced Time Synchronizer is a PC clock synchronizer. It works with time servers on the Internet, supports main time synchronization protocols, proxy servers, auto-dialing and more. Advanced Time Synchronizer connects to all the servers in the list sequentially until either the time is...

DOWNLOAD Cost: $19.95 USD
License: Shareware
Size: 10.3 MB
Download Counter: 7

Released: November 04, 2015 | Added: November 10, 2015 | Viewed: 2950

DynSite 1.11.799.3

DynSite Thumbnail
DynSite automatically updates your dynamic IP address each time it changes on one or many dynamic DNS services or by email. This allows anyone to connect to the servers (Web, FTP, NNTP, etc.) running on your own computer using a fully qualified domain name (e.g., where myhost is...

DOWNLOAD Cost: $19.00 USD
License: Shareware
Size: 902.2 KB
Download Counter: 9

Released: July 05, 2006 | Added: July 08, 2006 | Viewed: 975

PC Atomic Sync 3.9.3

PC Atomic Sync Thumbnail
(*) It is an atomic clock synchronizer with some useful features (time offset, synchronize periods, etc.). The main idea of the program is to synchronize your PC's clock in the most reliable and resource-saving way. (*) The unique Time Offset feature of the program allows setting up your PC...

DOWNLOAD Cost: $10.00 USD
License: Shareware
Size: 785.3 KB
Download Counter: 4

Released: March 28, 2007 | Added: March 31, 2007 | Viewed: 1173

IDN Conversion Tool 0.99

IDN Conversion Tool Thumbnail
Convert International Domain Names (IDN) into punycode and back. Enter a domain name native language characters and get the encoded form to use in your server software such as DNS server, web-servers, and e-mail servers. Or enter an encoded domain name (cotains "xn--") and see the domain name...

DOWNLOAD Cost: $0.00 USD
License: Freeware
Size: 86.8 KB
Download Counter: 9

Released: March 24, 2006 | Added: March 27, 2006 | Viewed: 638

UploadFTP 1.4.2

UploadFTP Thumbnail
Editor Award 5 StarsEditor Award 5 StarsEditor Award 5 StarsEditor Award 5 StarsEditor Award 5 Stars
UploadFTP is a advanced smart ftp client for Windows XP, Vista, 7. Browse, transfer, synchronize your files quickly and easily! Quickly synchronize your local & ftp folders or files. UploadFTP is the best tool for webmaster or for those who wants to backup local files. It makes working with FTP...

DOWNLOAD Cost: $29.95 USD
License: Shareware
Size: 6.0 MB
Download Counter: 2

Released: March 21, 2011 | Added: April 15, 2011 | Viewed: 690

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