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PMM Personal Memory Manager

PMM Personal Memory Manager PMM70ST

Philosophy Application - PMM Personal Memory Manager v7.0 (July 2010). A philosophy of memory and the power of belief, called "Constructive Recollection" received its own software application. PMM (Personal Memory Manager) is your life-long support system to constructively recollect what you...


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Query Tool (using ADO)

Query Tool (using ADO) Thumbnail
Query Tool (using ADO) is a Universal Data Access (UDA) tool. It lets you query OLE DB data sources, author SQL scripts and queries, execute multiple SQL scripts or stored procedures simultaneously, return query results to a grid or free-form text, retrieve OLE DB provider properties, and more....

DOWNLOAD Cost: $70.00 USD
License: Shareware
Size: 1.4 MB
Download Counter: 121

Released: February 10, 2010 | Added: February 18, 2010 | Viewed: 5590

PixPlant 2

PixPlant Thumbnail
Seamless 3D textures in a few clicks. PixPlant 2 is a smart 3D texturing tool that creates high quality normal, displacement, specular maps and seamless textures from plain photos. Based on photos, PixPlant adds an unlimited choice of realistic materials for your projects: just pick an...

DOWNLOAD Cost: $175.00 USD
License: Shareware
Size: 6.1 MB
Download Counter: 17

Released: March 11, 2009 | Added: March 11, 2009 | Viewed: 1078

Q1 1.2

Q1 Thumbnail
Q1 is a tool for developing GUI and HTML automated tests. It was designed to provide great control while maintaining low-cost to make it affordable to small companies and individual developers. Its features are:

DOWNLOAD Cost: $249.95 USD
License: Shareware
Size: 1 B
Download Counter: 3

Released: June 21, 2003 | Added: June 24, 2003 | Viewed: 1194

PowerDBTools 2.1

PowerDBTools Thumbnail
PowerDBTools is a tool based on Microsoft OLE DB technologies to help developers and database administrators develop, manage and maintain their databases. It is the perfect solution since the same tool can be used on all major operating systems accessing a wide range of databases....

DOWNLOAD Cost: $199.00 USD
License: Shareware
Size: 90.8 MB
Download Counter: 10

Released: February 01, 2010 | Added: March 07, 2010 | Viewed: 1651

Neodeck Tool Tip Control 1.0

Neodeck Tool Tip Control Thumbnail
The free Neodeck Software Tool Tip control looks like the XP tool tip and allows you to display interactive help to your users. You can program the control to do whatever you want, from databound lists inside of it to appering anywhere on your form using the provided tool tip tails.

DOWNLOAD Cost: $0.00 USD
License: Freeware
Size: 30.4 KB
Download Counter: 20

Released: March 11, 2003 | Added: March 14, 2003 | Viewed: 995

DataMPX V1.51

DataMPX Thumbnail
DataMPX is a tool that lets you catalog your mp3 music collection, regardless of it's being on your hard drive or on removable media, say, ZIP disks or CD-Rs. The tool has a gorgeous interface and is pretty easy to use and understand. You don't have to type all your collection in the program -...

DOWNLOAD Cost: $0.00 USD
License: Freeware
Size: 898.1 KB
Download Counter: 4

Released: November 27, 2002 | Added: January 01, 2003 | Viewed: 1040

RankWords 2.0.3

RankWords Thumbnail

Scan a whole text and ranks all used words according to frequency. Word frequency counter. A simple but amazing tool.  discover what words you over use. ideal for writers.  study political discuss.  Bible study aid. indispensable tool to the web designer. useful...

DOWNLOAD Cost: $14.95 USD
License: Shareware
Size: 814 B
Download Counter: 11

Released: December 03, 2008 | Added: December 07, 2008 | Viewed: 1257

MXFInsight 1.0

MXFInsight Thumbnail
MXFInsight is a professional-grade visual tool for thorough analysis of MXF files. Designed to drill-down into depths of the MXF format quickly and easily, it is a valuable tool for anyone working with MXF files. Partition (Logical/Physical View), Essence, Index, Property, Search and Hex Editor...

DOWNLOAD Cost: $495.00 USD
License: Demo
Size: 5.2 MB
Download Counter: 41

Released: July 14, 2008 | Added: July 17, 2008 | Viewed: 971

Webmasters Tool 1.0.0

Webmasters Tool Thumbnail
Run a submission campaign controlled entirely by you not the software The webmasters tool will only pre-populate web pages and not auto submit keeping you in control. Comprehensives list of sites to post to including over 160 RSS, PAD, Blogg, Podcast, Shareware and Freeware sites. With the...

DOWNLOAD Cost: $0.00 USD
License: Freeware
Size: 6.4 MB
Download Counter: 15

Released: May 26, 2005 | Added: May 29, 2005 | Viewed: 1441

Infinitiscope 1.0

Infinitiscope Thumbnail
Infinitiscope is a graphical display tool that has special characteristics for numerical data display. It was essentially developed to be used in scientific research as an accurate and rich tool for creating graphs of numerical data. Even that it was made for scientific research purposes it is...

DOWNLOAD Cost: $120.00 USD
License: Shareware
Size: 3.3 MB
Download Counter: 1

Released: March 01, 2010 | Added: March 07, 2010 | Viewed: 1090

LocoySpider 2009

LocoySpider Thumbnail
LocoySpider is a powerful network tool .it can be used as a web data extractor, forum data extractor, and re-write tool. It can download images,forum attachment, detect and download other resource for you in very short time, the speed may even beyond your imagination. It also can monitor web...

DOWNLOAD Cost: $0.00 USD
License: Freeware
Size: 18.1 MB
Download Counter: 33

Released: July 15, 2009 | Added: July 18, 2009 | Viewed: 1730

IsAdmin 1.1

IsAdmin Thumbnail
IsAdmin is a tiny tool to check if you have Administrator Rights on your computer or you are running as standard user. A useful tool not only for developers but also for general users of Windows Vista and 7, which has UAC. Console version is also included.

DOWNLOAD Cost: $0.00 USD
License: Freeware
Size: 22.3 KB
Download Counter: 4

Released: August 21, 2010 | Added: April 13, 2012 | Viewed: 2577

Advanced Outlook Express Recovery 3.0

Advanced Outlook Express Recovery Thumbnail
Outlook Express DBX Recovery with advance Outlook Express recovery tool which name is SysTools Outlook Express Restore software, this tool helps you to repair corrupt DBX files and restore deleted emails from Outlook Express. Outlook Express is very common problem but now we can repair DBX files...

DOWNLOAD Cost: $29.00 USD, 21.00 EUR
License: Shareware
Size: 1.2 MB
Download Counter: 15

Released: November 20, 2010 | Added: November 20, 2010 | Viewed: 2174

Picture Resize 5.8.1

Picture Resize Thumbnail
You need this photo resizer tool to easily convert, resize and optimize images. Use Picture Resize 5 to quickly resize photos then easily copy paste the resized image or clipart into your favorite image editor such as Photoshop. In simple easy steps Resize, Save As..., Import, into a web tool...

DOWNLOAD Cost: $19.95 USD
License: Shareware
Size: 6.1 MB
Download Counter: 14

Released: November 10, 2007 | Added: June 26, 2009 | Viewed: 2180

Migra MDB Key 1.6.4

Migra MDB Key Thumbnail
Lost Access database password? & unable to access your MS Access databases? Get Migra MDB Key & unsecure your entire access database in one go. Migra MDB Key tool is an Access Database password remover tool to remove access database passwords & to remove access database security whether it is...

DOWNLOAD Cost: $29.00 USD, 20.00 EUR
License: Shareware
Size: 408.0 KB
Download Counter: 28

Released: April 09, 2011 | Added: April 10, 2011 | Viewed: 2602

Ping Assist Pro 1.6.6

Ping Assist Pro Thumbnail
A ping tool is an essential piece of software for anyone who administers a network or provides any kind of Internet related services. In order to maintain a consistently high level of quality control over your network and its devices, a ping utility collects detailed information about the network...

DOWNLOAD Cost: $59.00 USD, 49.00 EUR
License: Shareware
Size: 11.9 MB
Download Counter: 38

Released: April 01, 2012 | Added: April 01, 2012 | Viewed: 2971

Watson 2.4

Watson Thumbnail
Watson by Intellext - an intelligent search tool that understands the context of what you are working on and automatically finds you the information you need - from anywhere - Web search engines, desktop search applications, blogs, news and shopping sites, subscription services, even your...

DOWNLOAD Cost: $0.00 USD
License: Freeware
Size: 7.0 MB
Download Counter: 5

Released: March 20, 2006 | Added: March 23, 2006 | Viewed: 1152

ASP Documentation Tool 6.3

ASP Documentation Tool Thumbnail
The ASP Documentation Tool creates project documentation for ASP 2.0 and 3.0 web applications written in VBScript and JScript. Access and SQL Server 2000/2005 databases and Visual Basic 6.0 components associated with the web application can also be incorporated into the reports. Documentation is...

DOWNLOAD Cost: $49.99 USD
License: Commercial
Size: 5.1 MB
Download Counter: 117

Released: April 01, 2007 | Added: April 04, 2007 | Viewed: 5047

Outlook Recovery 3.2

Outlook Recovery Thumbnail
Just switch on our tool to repair PST files which is enough in handling the corruption issues when you have a tough time while dealing with the Outlook data. So don't get upset when your Outlook data is not responding. So what are you waiting for you? Our tool is easily accessible; you just have...

DOWNLOAD Cost: $49.00 USD, 37.00 EUR
License: Shareware
Size: 3.8 MB
Download Counter: 54

Released: April 30, 2012 | Added: May 01, 2012 | Viewed: 3514

NBFree WMA to MP3 Converter 2.0

NBFree WMA to MP3 Converter Thumbnail
NBFree WMA to MP3 Converter is an easy-to-use tool to convert wma files to mp3 files. Use this wma to mp3 converting tool to convert wma to most popular mp3 format supported by all mp3 players. - convert batches of wma files to mp3 files - preview wma before conversion - change output mp3...

DOWNLOAD Cost: $0.00 USD
License: Freeware
Size: 5.9 MB
Download Counter: 11

Released: November 12, 2005 | Added: November 15, 2005 | Viewed: 793

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