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GetRight Pro

GetRight Pro 6.2a

GetRight Pro does everything a download manager can do and more. It can of course accelerate, resume and schedule your downloads. GetRight Pro goes beyond by allowing you to upload files, it can quickly scan to find just which files to upload to update your website. It supports scripting, it...


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A Better Finder Rename 7.7

No Screenshot
A Better Finder Rename is a contextual menu plugin for the Macintosh Finder, which allows users to quickly rename multiple files. This powerful, yet easy-to-use utility transforms the often tedious and time-consuming task of renaming multiple files into a simple matter of seconds. A Better...

License: Shareware
Size: 1.7 MB
Download Counter: 8

Released: March 14, 2007 | Added: March 17, 2007 | Viewed: 1108

A Better Finder Launcher 2.1.1

A Better Finder Launcher Thumbnail
A Better Finder Launcher provides instant access to all your applications, documents and folders. Simply press the Control-Command-L hot key and start typing the name of the item you are looking for. After just a few keystrokes A Better Finder Launcher will have found the right file. Just hit...

License: Shareware
Size: 1.7 MB
Download Counter: 9

Released: September 09, 2006 | Added: September 12, 2006 | Viewed: 989

1st Net Scanner 2.15

1st Net Scanner Thumbnail
1st Net Scanner is a very useful IP Finder and Port Finder. It builds IP finder, port finder, IP scanner, port scanner and IP tracer, IP tracker, IP camera in one software. It can find IP address, search IP address, trace IP address and scan IP address. And it also can find port, search port and...

DOWNLOAD Cost: $24.95 USD, 24.95 EUR
License: Shareware
Size: 516.0 KB
Download Counter: 145

Released: April 10, 2005 | Added: April 13, 2005 | Viewed: 2055

1st Ip Port Scanner 2.0

1st Ip Port Scanner Thumbnail
1st Ip Port Scanner ip finder,port finder,ip scanner,port scanner,ip tracer,ip tracker,ip camera all in one software.Find ip address,search ip address,trace ip address,scan ip address,find port,search port,scan port. Full Product Description 1st Ip Port Scanner is a very useful Ip Scanner and...

License: Shareware
Size: 1.0 MB
Download Counter: 283

Released: November 01, 2004 | Added: November 04, 2004 | Viewed: 3810

Meta Keywords Finder 1.1

Meta Keywords Finder Thumbnail
Meta Keywords Finder is a handy tool for every webmaster. Don't know what keyword phrases will match your main keywords? Just type them in Meta Keywords Finder and get up to a hundred of phrases and sentences that include your keyword. Suggested keywords are also ranked by popularity.

DOWNLOAD Cost: $0.00 USD
License: Freeware
Size: 394.1 KB
Download Counter: 30

Released: April 24, 2006 | Added: April 27, 2006 | Viewed: 939

A WebShare Meta Finder 1.0

A WebShare Meta Finder Thumbnail
WebShare Meta Finder is free powerful search-software which will connect you to the most Popular search engines,downloads-sites Kazaa, eMule, eDonkey and Bit Torrent files. WebShare Meta Finder submits searches to most popular search and downloads site directly from your desktop. From now...

DOWNLOAD Cost: $0.00 USD
License: Freeware
Size: 427.5 KB
Download Counter: 45

Released: January 05, 2004 | Added: January 08, 2004 | Viewed: 1276

Kazaa & LimeWire Lyric Finder 1.3.5

Kazaa & LimeWire Lyric Finder Thumbnail
Kazaa & LimeWire Lyric Finder is the first add-on for Kazaa and LimeWire that allows you to find and retrieve lyrics while you download MP3 files from the FastTrack and Gnutella networks. As soon as you start an MP3 download with either Kazaa or LimeWire, Kazaa & LimeWire Lyric Finder will...

DOWNLOAD Cost: $0.00 USD
License: Freeware
Size: 1.3 MB
Download Counter: 87

Released: October 19, 2006 | Added: October 22, 2006 | Viewed: 1588

Pearl Finder 1.0

Pearl Finder Thumbnail
Playing the game Pearl Finder you appear on the island with marvelous nature. You are surrounded by warm quiet sea, fine sand beach and bright sunlight.And in the center of this beautiful setting a pirate is sitting at a table and watches you closely with a sly look. Generally speaking he is...

DOWNLOAD Cost: $0.00 USD
License: Freeware
Size: 1.6 MB
Download Counter: 4

Released: January 20, 2006 | Added: January 23, 2006 | Viewed: 713

Disk Space Finder

Disk Space Finder Thumbnail
Editor Award 5 StarsEditor Award 5 StarsEditor Award 5 StarsEditor Award 5 StarsEditor Award 5 Stars
Disk Space Finder helps to visualize your data that is taking up the most space on your computer. This makes it a lot easier to delete anything you no longer need and free up disk space. Disk Space Finder scans your computer to find out all folders that take up the most disk space,...

DOWNLOAD Cost: $0.00 USD
License: Freeware
Size: 537.4 KB
Download Counter: 61

Released: June 30, 2008 | Added: July 05, 2008 | Viewed: 2224

G-Lock Blog Finder 3.2.2

G-Lock Blog Finder Thumbnail
Blog Finder searches for blog posts that rank in Google for a particular phrase and makes it easy to comment on them. Blog Finder is blog commenting software that provides you with a great way to get backlinks for your sites without using any risky tactics that could destroy your search engine...

License: Shareware
Size: 8.3 MB
Download Counter: 3

Released: January 31, 2012 | Added: February 28, 2012 | Viewed: 1064

WordMaestro 1.51

WordMaestro Thumbnail
The all-in-one thesaurus, English dictionary, anagram solver and word finder for Windows. The thesaurus contains over 1,800,000 related words and phrases, the dictionary over 150,000 root words. You can add you own entries to both the dictionary and the thesaurus - great for building up your...

License: Shareware
Size: 10.5 MB
Download Counter: 133

Released: April 28, 2006 | Added: May 01, 2006 | Viewed: 3354

Zortam ID3 Tag Editor 5.50

Zortam ID3 Tag Editor Thumbnail
Editor Award 5 StarsEditor Award 5 StarsEditor Award 5 StarsEditor Award 5 StarsEditor Award 5 Stars
Zortam ID3 Tag Editor is all-in-one MP3 organizer application for editing ID3 tags (Mp3 ID3 Tag Editor) with support for ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags, managing M3u playlists (Playlist manager), renaming files (Mp3 Renamer) using ID3 tags, searching for duplicate Mp3 files, searching and cataloguing Mp3...

License: Shareware
Size: 1.6 MB
Download Counter: 16

Released: August 10, 2009 | Added: August 26, 2009 | Viewed: 1382

Moleskinsoft Clone Remover 1.9

Moleskinsoft Clone Remover Thumbnail
Clone Remover - duplicate file finder - find duplicate mp3, find duplicate pictures and more! Clone Remover will detect file duplicates on your hard drives. Including zip and rar archives. This duplicate file finder will help to: 1) Find duplicate files - because it searches for exact file...

License: Shareware
Size: 987.9 KB
Download Counter: 24

Released: January 15, 2007 | Added: January 18, 2007 | Viewed: 1232

Zilla MP3 Finder

Zilla MP3 Finder Thumbnail
Zilla Mp3 Finder is the ultimate tool to locate and retrieve MP3 files on the net. It uses the top MP3 search engines available on the net today. It not only finds the music you want, it also verifies the search results, lets you download and listen to the MP3 files with a single mouse click....

DOWNLOAD Cost: $0.00 USD
License: Freeware
Size: 1.4 MB
Download Counter: 40

Released: December 25, 2003 | Added: December 28, 2003 | Viewed: 779

Roommate Finder Solution AUG.2011

Roommate Finder Solution Thumbnail
Roommate Finder Solution is a product, which helps to start quickly online service for those who want to rent or lease a home or a room, or to find a roommate. After quick installation, you will get a Ready Roommate Site offering roommate matching service featuring roommate pictures, comments...

License: Shareware
Size: 19.4 MB
Download Counter: 16

Released: August 28, 2011 | Added: August 31, 2011 | Viewed: 1140

Duplicate image finder 3.8.03

Duplicate image finder Thumbnail
Maybe you are amateur photographer and you have a large collection of albums. Maybe you like to collect amazing pictures. Over the years you have accumulated thousands of pictures on your PC or laptop. Certainly you are constantly taking digital pictures and copying them onto the computer. So,...

License: Shareware
Size: 11.6 MB
Download Counter: 89

Released: May 28, 2010 | Added: May 29, 2010 | Viewed: 2518

A1 HangWord 1.0

A1 HangWord Thumbnail
Free Word Finder game ! This is an fun Hangman type Word Finder game for teaching children English vocabulary, Words and Spelling. The aim of the free spelling games is to create the given word before the guesses runs out, or else the Man becomes hanged. The spelling games is extremely useful to...

DOWNLOAD Cost: $0.00 USD
License: Freeware
Size: 2.7 MB
Download Counter: 208

Released: March 16, 2007 | Added: March 19, 2007 | Viewed: 2986

Easy Music Equipment Finder 2.10

No Screenshot
Easy Music Equipment Finder helps you locate and determine exactly which equipment you will need to purchase in order to make your band sucessful. Attaches to your internet explorer to easily help direct you to the right resources you will need to purchase equipment such as amps, microphones,...

DOWNLOAD Cost: $0.00 USD
License: Freeware
Size: 195.3 KB
Download Counter: 9

Released: December 06, 2004 | Added: December 09, 2004 | Viewed: 542

DC++ MP3 Finder 1.2

DC++ MP3 Finder Thumbnail
DC++ MP3 Finder is a FREE software based on the original DC++ open source application. It utilizes highly popular in Peer-to-Peer networks Direct Connect protocol that allows users to quickly search and share their files over the internet. DC++ MP3 Finder comes with improved user interface and...

DOWNLOAD Cost: $0.00 USD
License: Freeware
Size: 2.0 MB
Download Counter: 31

Released: May 10, 2005 | Added: May 13, 2005 | Viewed: 980

Expired domain finder 0.1b

Expired domain finder Thumbnail
Bottopias Expired domain finder is a crawler that crawls search engines (for targeted keywords) or websites for expired domains it provides back detailed analytics such as expiry date, pagerank and SEOmoz statistics.

DOWNLOAD Cost: $0.00 USD
License: Freeware
Size: 312.0 KB
Download Counter: 29

Released: March 23, 2012 | Added: March 24, 2012 | Viewed: 952

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