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GreenBrowser 4.2.0712

GreenBrowser is a multiple windows browser based on IE with other powerful features. Such as: - Quick Key, Collector, Mouse Gesture, Mouse Drag, Ad Filter, Search Engine, Page Back Color, Toolbar Skin, Proxy, Tab Bar, Auto Scroll, Auto Save, Auto Fill Form, Start Mode, Auto Hide Bar, Mouse Drag...



TChat 3.0.2

Category: Internet & Networking / Chat | Author: 3Tech Systems

TChat system is a powerful chat based on Sun Microsystems Java technology, wich will allow your site users and/or visitors to communicate through web, using an high spped applet.

License: Shareware
Size: 738.5 KB
Download Counter: 8

Get a complete free chat system for your website

TChat system is a powerful chat based on Sun Microsystems Java technology, wich will allow your site users and/or visitors to communicate through web, using an high spped applet, without installing on each client any plugin or software (zero installation client).
The chat applet has been designed to be completely customizable, so you can configure your chat
To have an interface different from any other, including, for instance, your company logo and
Your sponsors banners.

Server features
- Unlimited connections
- Multithreaded architecture
- Access log system
- Lightweight communication protocol
- Platform independence
- Administration console

Client features
- Lightweight client applet
- Fully customizable user interface (also through the ChatEditor program)
- ChatEditor GUI
- Programmable advertising banners
- Possibility to add a wallpaper image to the chat window
- Public chat with multifont support, multicolor text and background
- Private chat with audio effects
- The client applet can be either embedded in the HTML page or in a detached window
- Shared blackboard function
- User side customizable fonts and colors while chatting
- User side true color emoticons
- User side enable/disable switch for private calls
- User side enable/disable switch for shared blackboard
- Ignore user function
- Customizable user rooms
- Customizable application name
- Customizable welcome messages
- Customizable message when a new user logs in

Requirements: Java Runtime Environment 1.4 or later
OS Support: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Linux, Unix
Language Support: English

Released: February 01, 2005 | Added: February 04, 2005 | Viewed: 1484

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