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Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2012

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Piano Tiles 2 Feedback System

Piano Tiles 2 Info

License: Freeware | Author: Sabzira

Piano Tiles 2 is the sequel to your favorite Piano Tiles with new gameplay, graphics and sounds. What's new: - Great design in "piano" style with hints of expensive mahogany, imagine yourself playing on an old luxury piano. - New gameplay. - Global competition mode, challenge yourself and others, try to become the best. - Results sharing. - New high quality sounds, new songs. Game goals: - Reach out to the end of song. - Collect coins and sapphires and open new songs. - Score points, challenge yourself and others. - Get experience, open new levels. - Play bonus level after each tune completion. Surprise: find vinyl records with a surprise, imagine yourself as a DJ and "rub" it. Note: If you want to get more sapphires, tap on sapphire at the top, activate "advertising" and get sapphires for ads. Just allow advertisers to pay for your enjoyment. Enjoy your favorite game, while Sabzira creates Piano Tiles 3 for you.
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Sabzira Software

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