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CloudBerry Explorer for Amazon S3

CloudBerry Explorer for Amazon S3

CLOUDBERRY EXPLORER FOR AMAZON S3 CloudBerry S3 Explorer makes managing files in Amazon S3 EASY. By providing an industry leading user interface (GUI) to Amazon S3 accounts, files, and buckets, CloudBerry lets you manage your files on cloud just as you would on your own local computer. New...


WordPerfect Converter - WP2DOC

WordPerfect Converter - WP2DOC 2.0

Category: Business & Productivity Tools / Word Processing | Author: Bidgood Svcs

WP2DOC is the best choice to convert WordPerfect documents to MS Word. It is powerful, flexible and easy to use.

License: Shareware
Size: 4.3 KB
Download Counter: 19

WP2DOC is the right choice for converting your WordPerfect documents to MS Word.

WP2DOC offers you an inexpensive, simple yet powerful way to convert WordPerfect documents to Word. It allows you to remain competitive in today??ôs market while keeping your budget under control. Converting to Word can be very expensive time consuming and a major loss in productivity which you cannot afford. With WP2DOC online resources such as a knowledge base, a forum to discuss ideas, free macros and tutorials. You can dramatically improve your conversion process in not only time but also in success of conversion with little to no conversion problems. WP2DOC is fully customizable by tapping into WordPerfect??ôs powerful macro language. Bidgood Svcs also has world leading document conversion experts to help you convert your documents properly and effectively. WP2DOC is easy to use, set up and run.

Requirements: WordPerfect 8 or above installed
OS Support: Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows 2000
Language Support: English

Released: April 27, 2004 | Added: April 30, 2004 | Viewed: 1136

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