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PMM Personal Memory Manager

PMM Personal Memory Manager PMM70ST

Philosophy Application - PMM Personal Memory Manager v7.0 (July 2010). A philosophy of memory and the power of belief, called "Constructive Recollection" received its own software application. PMM (Personal Memory Manager) is your life-long support system to constructively recollect what you...


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Turbine 2.1

Turbine Thumbnail
Calculate the steam consumption for a turbine of known power and efficiency. Required data are inlet steam pressure and temperature, and exhaust pressure. Program will determine steam consumption and exhaust steam conditions. Built-in steam properties. Wide variety of units of measure included.

DOWNLOAD Cost: $0.00 USD
License: Freeware
Size: 463.9 KB
Download Counter: 143

Released: January 06, 2002 | Added: June 24, 2003 | Viewed: 5263

Turbine Mobile 1.0

Turbine Mobile Thumbnail
Turbine Mobile dynamically generates Flash Lite for mobile phones. By dynamically integrating image, audio, video and database content into Flash SWF templates, Turbine Mobile generates Flash Lite content from your web site. Features and Benefits: - Generates Dynamic Flash Lite: Generates...

License: Shareware
Size: 1.3 MB
Download Counter: 10

Released: May 05, 2005 | Added: May 08, 2005 | Viewed: 1422

Turbine Video Encoder 2

Turbine Video Encoder Thumbnail
Publish your video to the Web with Turbine Video Encoder 2. More than converting video to the universal Flash format, TVE can bring magic into your video with beautiful and sophisticated Flash video players, stunning visual FX, useful captioning and audio mixing capabilities. Benefits: -...

License: Shareware
Size: 3.4 MB
Download Counter: 16

Released: March 02, 2006 | Added: March 05, 2006 | Viewed: 1545

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