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1Click DVD Copy

1Click DVD Copy

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CR Pack for 3D GameStudio

CR Pack for 3D GameStudio 1.3

Category: Developer Tools / Specialized Tools | Author: Lion's Toys

You have bought 3D GameStudio extra, standard or commercial and you want to hide your artwork, your awesome shaders, your excellent models... or maybe you want to compress your project in order to reduce its size...

License: Shareware
Size: 12.7 MB
Download Counter: 30

CR Pack is the only tool of its kind that’s available on the market and can be bought at a special price for a limited time.
CR Pack is not just an ordinary external executables packer, like many others on the market; it is a native 3D GameStudio plugin.
CR Pack does not decompress the resources into a temporary folder, but decompresses them straight into the engine’s file memory system, avoiding the possible hacks.

CR Pack has these features:
-Offers the possibility to hide the resources for any 3D GameStudio edition.
-Reduces the size of the published game with a typical 40% - 60%.
-Offers full control over the resource files.
-Allows new methods of using the compressed resources; replaceable artwork packages, skinnable user interfaces or hidden resources are just a few of the available possibilities.

CR Pack contains:
-3D GameStudio plugin which runs with your copy of 3DGS.
-More than 25 functions to work with compressed resources.
-Windows Explorer add-on which allows the integration of the compressed resources into Windows’ shell.
-Powerful compressed resources editor - CRED.
-A big set of demo projects made with 3DGS and CR Pack: games, an image viewer with a slideshow function, a skinnable CD player and so on.
-Detailed documentation.
-Video tutorial for beginners.

CR Pack works perfectly with Windows Explorer:
-Displayes a specific icon for resource files.
-Double clicking a resource file launches the resource editor.
-Full drag & drop support to add, extract and open files.
-Mouse tooltips show information about the resource files.
-Special "Properties" page in the file context menu displays the resource details.
-Additional columns in Windows Explorer’s report view show specific resource information.
-Context menu for resource operations (add, extract, extract here, new) .

Requirements: 3D GameStudio A6.4+
OS Support: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows NT, Windows Me, Windows 98, Windows 2003, Windows 2000
Language Support: English

Released: June 20, 2007 | Added: November 14, 2007 | Viewed: 1542

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