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1Click DVD Copy

1Click DVD Copy

1CLICK DVD COPY™ 5 is fast and easy-to-use software for copying DVD movies. This latest version now utilizes CPRx™ error correction technology to ensure the highest level of success copying the latest generation of DVD movies.Now you can make a perfect copy of a DVD movie with just...


PDF SPLITTER Feedback System


License: Shareware | Author: THE PDF Software Co.

PDF SPLITTER is best tool on the internet for splittting multi-page PDF files into single page PDF files. PDF SPLITTER supports every version of PDF files and also compressed PDF files. PDF SPLITTER was desiged for error free splitting of PDF files. PDF SPLITTER also includes the a wonderful PDF file search facility for locating PDF images on your hard drive.

- A simple, flexible and powerful interface.
- Supports Individual Page Count
- Search by date or file size
- Supports Compressed PDF Files
- Fast and Error Free Splitting of PDF Files
- Support multi-page and single page PDF files
- Append PDF file to many PDF files in one time
- Delete and Add or Insert any page from PDF file in batch mode

Test it yourself and download Trial version of PDF Splitter. There are different naming schemes for new files which you split with PDF Splitter.
You can also Append the tiff file to many PDF files in one time. You can also Add or Insert and Delete pages inside the PDF file in batch mode.

Operating Systems Supported: Windows 98/Me/2000/Xp/2003/Vista/7 and Mac OS X
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