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Art and Craft Magnets

Art and Craft Magnets 5.0

Category: Home & Personal / Home Inventory | Author: Greenstreet Software Ltd

Design fun magnets on your home PC and printer – personalised with your own photographs, designs and messages! Personalised magnets are a novel and eye-catching way to permanently record and share something –and to create uniquely personal gifts.

DOWNLOAD Cost: $0.00 USD, 9.99 GBP
License: Shareware
Size: 307.0 MB
Download Counter: 57

Create useful and fun magnets for your fridge, magnetic notice board, metal toolbox, filing cabinet or even metal storage tins.

The Art and Craft software gives you hundreds of creative arty images and an easy to use wizard that allows you to create completely personal designs in minutes. By adding your own digital images from a camera or mobile phone it couldn't be easier to personalise magnets as gifts, just by adding your own photos!

Why not make a simple board game, like noughts and crosses for your kids to play on the fridge or reward stars for when they have been good. Add a colourful frame to a photo or a wig, moustache and silly glasses.

Art and Craft Magnets are fun to create for the whole family and they make great gifts too!

* Hundreds of ready-to-go magnet designs to choose from
* Select a design - add your message - print and trim - simple!
* Make unique designs from scratch using the tools provided
* Create magnets using your own photographs, artwork and text
* Use the scribble text for that hand-written look
* Great for making fridge games, personal reminders and more
* The ideal way to display your favourite photographs
* Make magnetic numbers, alphabets and animals for the kids!
* Use on kitchen appliances, filing cabinets and more

Wizard based software to guide you through creating fun magnets. Hundreds of pieces of digiart, clipart, snipart, backgrounds, borders, fades and textures have been put together for this pack that can be used this and any other Art and Craft solution module.

This trial version is a time limited (30 day) full working version. This means you have the use of all of the great features that are available to the users of full version. When the time limit of the trial version has expired, any printed output will have a watermark. It will not damage the file itself, so if you decide to purchase the full version, all of your designs will subsequently print with no watermark.

Requirements: 500 Mhz CPU, 256 MB RAM, 700 MB Free Disk, CD Drive, 1024x768 Display
OS Support: Windows XP, Windows Vista
Language Support: English, Spanish, French, German

Released: February 13, 2008 | Added: April 09, 2008 | Viewed: 2896

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