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Radmin Remote Control

Radmin Remote Control 3.4

Radmin (Remote Administrator) is the famous remote administration software for remote computer control. It enables you to access a remote PC via a LAN or over the Internet in multiple modes: remote file access, remote assistance, full remote computer control, Telnet, text and voice chat. Strong...



AppGuard 1.2.7

Category: Utilities / Anti-Virus | Author: Blue Ridge Networks, Inc.

Stops NEW virus, worms, Trojans, and other zero-day malware. Anti-Virus/Spyware only stops OLD malware, 45% of attacks. Added to existing Anti-Virus/Spyware, boosts protection to over 90%. Blocks USB attacks; protects valuable files from theft/loss.

License: Shareware
Size: 8.9 MB
Download Counter: 10

Stops the NEW Virus, Worms, Trojans, and other unknown/Zero-Day Malware that your Anti-Virus/Spyware misses, which only stops OLD malware, or 45% of attacks. Adding AppGuard to ANY Anti-Virus/Spyware boosts protection to over 90% without slowing your PC down.

Protects Your PC When You:
- Browse Hacked Websites
- Open Malicious Email Attachments
- Insert Infected USB Thumbdrives
- Open Tainted Documents (pdf, xls, doc, etc.)
- Play Spiked Multimedia Files (jpg, mpg, avi, etc.)
- Run UnPatched Software

Ideal for Non-Technical PC Users
- Protects Without User-Questions
- Installed with a Few Clicks
- Spares Users from Pedantic Techno-Babble

Geeks Like AppGuard Too
- Uses Extremely Little CPU
- Very Small Footprint
- Highly Effective Protection
- Requires No Signatures, its Always Up-to-Date
- Much Easier and Less Effort than HIPS

Guard in Privacy Mode
- Attacked Applications Cannot Steal, Destroy, or Ransom Private Folder Contents
- Protect your family photos, tax returns, and other valuable, confidential content
- Guarded in privacy mode by default: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome
- Add/remove privacy mode for other Applications
- Choose what folders are deemed private

Excellent for Businesses
- Places Technical Details in Windows Event Logs
- Use 3rd party Windows Event Log Retrieval and Reporting Tools
- Specify User Privileges and AppGuard Settings in Policy Files
- Easy to deploy or update policy via SMS or other patch/configure tools

Requirements: Windows XP SP2, Vista; Terminal Service enabled on either OS
OS Support: Windows XP, Windows Vista
Language Support: English

Released: May 27, 2009 | Added: July 02, 2009 | Viewed: 1131

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